Friday, March 25, 2011

Pop quiz hot shot

So, Monday is the day I go in to see how my thyroid is doing.  I am nervous.  I feel like I am going to take a test I did not have a chance to study for.  There is not much that I can do to help my thyroid along other than hope it works.  I take my medicine in the morning and a seaweed pill at night to help it, but that is about it.  I am one of those people that over prepares.  For example, I plan to pee on 3 tests this next cycle.  1 when I first wake up 1 around 10:30am/11 and one around 3/4pm.  Seems excessive, right?  Well, I am an overly prepared control freak, so just seems like the right amount for me.
All this I am still doing at work without anyone knowing, so I have a bag I lug to the bathroom and then sit in there for 5 minutes until the test comes up.  I do Thai Chi and dance around and make faces in the mirror to make the time pass.  The nice thing is our bathrooms are private and large, so I have room to dance around and such.  In case you didn’t notice, I don’t sit still very well:)
At this point in my peeing adventures, I am wondering what the front desk staff is saying about me.  I have to breeze by them from  my office, so they probably know the bag I bring into the bathroom.  Maybe they just assume I am bleeding and it is full of tampons, but then why does it take 5 minutes?  Maybe they think I am just wasting time and have a Nintendo DS in my bag.  Probably, most of them don’t even really notice.  I am a very observant person, so I would notice, but the girls are pretty busy, so maybe they don’t.  Either way….here is hoping to some good test taking.  -S


  1. I always wonder what people think while I'm waiting out the OPKs in the work bathroom, too. And I find that stretching is the only activity that doesn't seem totally out of place for some reason. Good luck on Monday!

  2. I tried to post last night and failed. My endo was WAY more positive about the whole thyroid thing and honestly the second thing I thought of (after "geez that PCP was RIDICULOUS with it") was you and your results next week. So hopeful that all goes well!