Saturday, March 12, 2011

Real Life

It feels like we are just in a suspended state of waiting right now, just waiting for the thyroid to decide that it’s alright, waiting to be able to inseminate, waiting for the star’s to align.  And unfortunately that doesn’t leave us with much to blog about other than real life.  So let’s talk about real life. 

My mom is visiting this weekend.  She is on her way from Oklahoma right now with her new SUV and her new puppy, Hope.  I’m really excited to see her, but stressed as well because A) when my mom is coming to visit I never feel like I can get the house clean enough to be at mom standards and B) she is helping us have a yard sale tomorrow, which we threw together in about a week.  So it’s been stressful trying to get ready for both.  And I know doing a yard sale on a Sunday isn’t exactly the best day, but it’s the only day that will work probably until April.  But I’ve been reminding myself as I sort things and gather things and price things, that the point of this isn’t to make money (though that would be nice), but the point is to get rid of stuff.  We have lived in our house for almost five years now and we have collected far too much stuff.  And as we get closer to the possibility of having another person join our family, it has become a reality that if we are going to fit baby stuff into the house, something has to go.  It’s probably a bit early to start clearing stuff out of the house for a baby that hasn’t been conceived yet, but in Austin, it will be hot as hell here by the end of May and I know I won’t want to sit outside and lug stuff around then.  So cross your fingers that we sell lots of stuff!

In other news, my mom told me last night that her and my step-dad want to take S and I to Mexico again this summer.  We went last summer with them to an all inclusive place right outside of Cancun and had a blast.  But it was a really big group, S and I, my mom and step-dad, his two daughters, my youngest brother, and my middle brother and his wife.  So 9 of us in total.  Now the nice thing about it is that all of us “kids” are somewhere in our 20’s, which makes it easy when every thing pretty much revolves around drinking and being lazy.  But the bad part is that is a whole heck of a lot of people to get going each day and meet up with, etc.  So this year they are taking two trips, one my step-dad and his kids, and then another with my step-dad and our family.  I am so excited!  It’s going to be so much fun, and regardless of how the next 3-4 months of TTC go, it will be coming at a much needed time.  It will either be after 2-3 months of actively trying which as most of you know will be frustrating and a vacation will be in order, 2-3 months of waiting to try (if the thyroid isn’t cooperating), or the best time ever to tell my family that we are pregnant!  Either way, poor S will probably not be able to enjoy all of the unlimited booze that will be available, depending where we are in this maddening process.  

So that’s all I’ve got for now.  We should know by the end of the month if the thyroid is back to normal.  We’ll keep you posted.


  1. I find myself doing a lot of the thinking ahead like you're doing as in "if we get pregnant ___, then we can tell everyone ___" or "if we're not, it will sure be good to drink!" or whatever.

    I am super hopeful that the thyroid works itself out. Sooner rather than later.

  2. Oh Liz,
    I also stress out when we have people visit.. especially parents. I freak out about the house not being clean enough as well and the fact that it isn't a real house.. the 600 animals we have, that they will be bored, etc. I feel ya on that. However, your mom was super cute and funny! I hope it was a blast!
    Love you guys!