Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring Break Fun

This has been a great week at our household.  We’ve been having so much fun with everyone who is on Spring Break that it has almost been like we got a Spring Break too.  My mom came down on Saturday and on Sunday morning we had our yard sale.  The yard sale was a success.  We made about $200 and got rid of everything.  I was hoping to make a bit more money, but it’s plenty to redo my studio and make it a respectable room.  Now that all of the random furniture is out of there, this weekend I’m scrapping down what I can of the awful wallpaper and getting started priming and painting.  Fun.  I love home makeovers. 

It was a lot of fun having my mom in town.  We laughed a lot and went and saw a movie and did some outlet shopping and just hung out.  I wish she lived closer to us.  She left on Wednesday to go back to Oklahoma.  Right now one of my best friends from college is in town visiting along with her husband and another friend from college and her boyfriend.  We have been having way too much fun with them all.  And one of the guys, the boyfriend, who is a great guy, has a great name too, Grayson.  We love his name and really for a minute thought, hey, possible baby name, until he told us that kids used to make fun him by calling him Gayson, which isn’t too bad and not too obvious until you factor in this little boy having two moms.  So, maybe for a middle name? 

When you all think about your baby names, do you worry about how they could be made fun of by other kids.  I worry about it, but S has this theory that because she has kind of an unusual name that kids were able to make fun of her for her name which was better than being made fun of than something else about her that might have hit home a bit more.  I think that as long as the name isn’t too bad, they should be fine.  I work with a lot of people who have weird names and every time I just think, what is wrong with her/his parents!  For example, I used to work with a woman named Princess.  I swear, her real actual name is Princess.  Can you imagine growing up with a name like that?  Awful.

So S goes in next week to get her thyroid checked out.  Everyone send good vibes out into the universe that it is looking better.  I have a feeling that it will be much better, but the question is, will it be enough better that we can move forward with the baby-making?  I have a feeling that it might not be.  But on the positive, it is obvious that S is feeling better than she has in a while these last few weeks.  For the first time in what feels like forever, S is getting things done around the house on her own accord, and not because I’ve nagged her for days.  She isn’t going to bed at 8:30 every night and the best part, even though she isn’t do anything different diet/exercise-wise, she has lost about 8 lbs these last few weeks (probably closer to 10 lbs now, actually).  And you can tell by her mood and energy level that things are back on track.

It’s funny how easy it is to write off the signs that something is wrong.  Before S got the thyroid diagnosis, all of her symptoms we totally dismissed as being related to stress, winter-time, and what not.  I was talking to my mom about that and she told me that when my aunt got lung cancer it went untreated for a long time because she thought that her symptoms were related to menopause or stress and things like that.  So who knows if S hadn’t gotten a physical how long it would have taken us to figure this out. I’m so thankful that we found this out early so we could get it taken care of and get the little lady back to normal!


  1. I'm glad that S is feeling better! I didn't have any issues before my diagnosis and haven't seen many changes since taking the medication (I was kind of hoping I would lose ridiculous weight and not so much!). I go Monday to get the results of my bloodwork, fingers crossed for both of us!!

  2. I love the name Greyson or Grey. I totally think you could still do it. H1 and my separate last names both have male genitalia our kids are screwed. lol

  3. Yah, maybe if you went with the British spelling of Grey instead of my American Gray, it wouldn't be so easy for kids to come up with Gayson. I don't know, though. I think kids probably got that from the sound of the name and not the spelling.

  4. BTW, it was awesome meeting both of you, and it was even more awesome that you let us stay with you! You are both very sweet, kind, funny, and beautiful people. I am very happy that Kel has such cool friends. I was not impressed with some of the others I had already met, lol.

  5. Eli's middle name is Greyson. I've always been a big fan of it. I think kids will change any name into something they can pick on if they really want to. So, I wouldn't put too much weight on that.