Monday, March 21, 2011

Keep on Keepin’ on

I have my Drs. appointment in less then a week.  I am excited.  I am feeling so much better, so I am hoping my levels are fine.  It’s hard to tell.  L thinks that it is too soon for it to be better, but I am trying to stay positive.

I ordered my second batch of Sepal OPK kits.  They just got here today and I should start peeing on things in less then a week.

We picked our donor.  We are now going to use Cryogenic Laboratories because it is more cost efficient for us.  Our donor is a blue eyed, blond haired 6’2 164lb guy who loves dogs and surfing and is an engineer.  Works for us.  Honestly, we are not all that picky as to who it is at this point since we have looked at so many.  We still have certain credentials such as a clean health history and family medical history and blue eyes, but not a ton.  I also want him to not be too big or too tall because I do not want to deliver a 10 lb baby, which I feel is reasonable, but L thinks is goofy.

I think all the info on the guys is really funny.  3 things cracked us up while we went thru donors today.
1. Quite a few people put fish as their favorite animal.  L and I have a long history of her wanting fish as pets and them eventually freaking her out, so then we give them to other loving homes.  I feel if your favorite animal is fish, then you just really don’t like animals.
2. One of the “staff impressions” about one of the guys with 2 daughters was that he, “loves his little ladies”.  L likes to order for me at restaurants and call me her “little lady” because it embarrassed me the first time she did it.  For example, she likes to say, “the little lady will have a sasparilla” even though no where serves sarsaparilla.
3. There is a part of the profile that has different measurements of different parts of their bodies.  It has waist and head and foot size and such.  L decided that she wanted to know the penis size of these men.  I of course rolled my eyes and asked why and she said that if we have a boy, that will be an important part to him, so we should know what the father is packing.

I just let you in on how strange we are, so hopefully it was funny and not too strange for our followers.

On the plus side of everyday things, we have figured out how to live very cheaply.  We just refinanced our house for a much lower payment and we paid off all credit cards.  We don’t have cable or gym memberships or any other extraneous expense, so we are rocking and rolling on getting set up to be a one income household.  I am going to ask for a raise in the next week.  I have never done that before and am pretty nervous, but the worse thing they are going to say is no, so I figure it is worth a try.

I will update you after my Drs. apt. results are back next week.


  1. I am so hopeful for you!!! (And really glad you are feeling better).

  2. LOL ... Momma B and I cracked up at some of the same info on the donor profiles! It's truly funny. When we were considering CA Cryobank, we really liked the staff impressions ... though they were super funny sometimes. So happy for you both having picked out a donor! It's a big moment. Very excited for you. =)

  3. Found you on Hopes blog, will follow along!

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  5. OMG! I laughed SO hard at the part where L likes to order u a sasparilla I can SO see her saying that... that. was. hilarious!

    Can't wait to come see u guys for glitter painting... oooo poker is this week too!