Thursday, February 17, 2011

Pill Popping

S has become a pill popping junkie.  It’s funny to see her go from being a girl who I had to beg to take a simple over the counter pain killer when she got a headache- I had to develop a rule that she wasn’t allowed to complain about being in any sort of pain until she had taken an ibuprofen- to the supplement taking fool that she now is.  In addition to the pre-natal vitamin, she is now taking her thyroid medication, a fish oil supplement that was recommended by our RE for smart babies, and a sea kelp supplement for her thyroid that her acupuncturist recommended.  So many pills that some time this week we are going to have to go get her one of those days of the week pill organizers.  Such a funny transition.  I’m just glad it’s not me, I have a hard time keeping up with medications of any kind.

So S has been seeing an acupuncturist from time to time for fertility and will begin going again once we get this whole thyroid mess figured out.  And the last time she saw him he gave her this crazy little things that you put on each of your ankles and also two inches below your belly button and basically they are like ¼ of an inch of some sort of insence (or at least that’s what they smell like) that you light and let burn down until you feel just the tiniest bit of heat and then you pull it off and do it again 3-5 times.  It’s supposed to increase fertility and so you do it starting around CD 5 and keep doing it up until you ovulate.  Yesterday S let me try a few on her just for fun to see what they are all about.  They have the funniest packaging, so I took a picture to share.

So while S was getting all of her fun supplements yesterday from Whole Foods and Central Market, I got a new water bottle.  It’s a Life Factory bottle, and it’s so pretty, I love it.  Though it was $20 and totally unnecessary, I got it anyway.  I’m sure some of you have seen the Life Factory baby bottles and I have been obsessed with them and so I was very excited to see they made an adult water bottle as well.  Has anyone ever used the baby bottles? I wonder if they are as a great as I think that they might be.  

The only other big news here is that as of an hour ago, I am credit card debt free!  I paid off the last little remaining bit and it feels so good to have that monkey off my back.  S should be able to pay hers off this month as well, so now we can start really saving some money.  


  1. Congrats on the cc debt! That's got to be a great feeling! We've paid off two of our cards, but still have two to go. Babymaking costs so much, though, that it's taking longer than I'd hoped. That package is hilarious! Can you post a pic of the things themselves? They sound kind of neat.

  2. I'll take a picture when I get home of the little burn-y things (not sure what they are called even) along with the funny instructions he drew out for us and edit the post to include those both.

  3. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I just caught up on yours and I'm excited for you guys. Definitely hoping you fall into the one-hit-wonder category :-)

  4. Congrats on paying off your debt! It is amazing how even a little bit of debt can be so stressful at times. We've been working on paying off our baby-making and new home-related credit card debt. There wasn't even that much of it, but boy will it feel good to get it all paid once we get our tax refund any day now!

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