Tuesday, February 15, 2011


This year for once I was able to really surprise S for Valentine’s day.  I actually gave her the present early, on Saturday, because I just couldn’t wait any longer.  For Valentine’s day this year I went and legally changed my last name so that we have the same last name now!  I had a super talented friend of ours make these cute announcements to send out to friends and family letting them know of the change and I wrapped them up and gave them to her as her present.  It was very exciting.  Getting my name changed was quite the ordeal though.  It’s so much simpler if you are legally married, you just take your marriage certificate to all of the agencies and they change your name for you.  For me, I had to go and get finger printed, fill out and file this long legal form, petition the court and actually go to court and see a judge and then go to all of the various agencies to get my driver’s license and what not changed.  But in the end it was so worth it.  I feel like a different person now, it’s strange.  But good strange.

But the rest of the weekend didn’t go quite as smoothly.  On Sunday S and our roommate and I decided to go grab dinner at Chili’s and when we got there we went to park and S’s car wouldn’t turn off!  The key was stuck in the ignition and it was stuck on.  So we had to drop it off at the dealer and though we tried to disconnect the battery, we couldn’t so we had to just leave it locked and running over night to die a slow gasless death.  We picked it up $500 later yesterday and they had to replace the whole steering column.  At least it’s fixed now. 

Yesterday, as a result of the car problems, we ended up locking ourselves out of the house.  Monday morning we took our roommate to the bus station so she could ride up to San Antonio to catch a plane to go to the UK for the next few weeks to visit her boyfriend there.  It will be sad to not have her around the house.  That afternoon after picking up the car, we decided to go to Town Lake, a cute little walking trail downtown by the water, with the pups and go for a walk.  We came home and realized that we only had the car key and not the house key as we had disconnected the house key the day before when we dropped off the car.  Ugh!  And of course it had to happen when we A) had the dogs with us, B) when there was no chance of our roommate coming home to let us in and C) with no cell phones on us to call anyone.  Luckily we managed to pry open the kitchen window because it has a funny lock and wasn’t locked all that well.  But it’s a pretty high window so to do that we had to pull the table off the front porch and S had to stand on it and then hoist herself up and through the tiny window.  So in the end it worked out, but only because S is a spider monkey and we got lucky with the window.  

I guess the only other news is that S has been taking her thyroid meds for a few days now and so far so good.  She was afraid that she might have some sort of discomfort or side effects from the pills as she is very sensitive to medication of any sort, but it seems like she is just feeling a bit more like her old self and nothing else.  So hopefully things will be moving forward on our TTC front in the next few months.  Keep your fingers crossed!

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