Friday, February 18, 2011


So, L posted about the weird things that you burn that seem like incense.  It is actually Moxa or Moxabustion.  If you think of sage, and how fuzzy it is, it is the fuzzy, woolly part of some plant..maybe sage, but I cannot remember if it was sage or something else.  When my acupuncturist uses it, he has a little tin(kinda like a small cigarette box) that is full of what looks like wool.  He rolls it into little cones and puts them on your body and then lights them and puts them out on you.  It can be intense, more intense than the needles.  The at home version is very different.  It looks like little fireworks and has a base that is sticky, that you stick to your body in the specific points and then you light it and it slowly burns.  I am supposed to take it off once I feel the heat.  Just get the sensation of heat, then you take it off and put it in water (like birthday candles).  I will attach some pics, including the one my acupuncturist drew for me so that you can partake in it if you like.  I have done it a few times and really it is just relaxing at this point.


  1. i looked it up because i was intrigued (it said it was mugwort btw). so this is supposed to help increase fertility? hmmm ... i may have to look into this. ;)