Wednesday, February 23, 2011

$143 Bedroom Make-over

This weekend I had a three day weekend due to a shift in scheduling and S also managed to have a three day weekend, but we didn’t spend it together like you’d think.  S went on a fun little trip to New Orleans with one of her best friends to have one last wild weekend before all of our TTC stuff gets in the way.  And while S went out of town, I stayed at home with our animal farm and gave our bedroom a mini make-over with the help of my BFF.  Before the make-over, our bedroom was depressing.  First off, it was such a mess all of the time that no one was allowed to see it, pretty much ever.  So I had to do a lot of cleaning before I could even start.  Most of the mess was clothes.  We have so much clothing that it is taking over our life/room.  Also, nothing about our room was very grown up, it was just a lot of random art, some furniture and a bed.  I took some before pictures, but really they are too embarrassing to post.  So I’ll just talk about the after.  I got two pretty bedside lamps from Marshalls for $30 each.  Before we only had the weak overhead fan light.  Then I made a cloth headboard for the bed by building a wooden frame, wrapping it in a double layer of cotton batting and then covering the whole thing in fabric.  It was super easy and I got the idea and the directions from here: and I think that the supplies from the wood, the cotton batting and the fabric all together was about $55.  It was really easy to hang too, it basically sits on the box springs and then is nailed right through the whole thing to wall in the upper two corners.  Then the last thing I did was go and get some cheap wooden frames from thrift stores, spray paint them all silver and then using some white Bristol paper that I already had, hung them up with photos from our wedding.  I think that all together the frames were $22 total and that it was about $6 for the spray paint.  So the make-over all together ended up costing me $143, which was $7 below my goal of $150.  Not bad, eh?  The whole thing is a surprise for S when she comes home late tonight.  I told her that I was working on a secret project, but she has no idea what it was.  I want her to be surprised, so I’ll be posting this on Wednesday after she has had a chance to see it, just in case she some how manages to drive from New Orleans to Austin and check our blog all in the same day.  I’ll update this with her reaction.
**Update, S was thrilled!  She loved the update.  But I think she is a bit unhappy that I now expect her to help me to keep our bedroom looking this good.**

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