Thursday, February 3, 2011

It’s Egg Drop Soup in this house

So, we are totally obsessed with ovulation.  I went to the OBGYN today and she said it looked like I was ovulating.  I know for a fact I am not and should not for a few days.  I then asked for more clarification on when to ship the sperm to them and when to inseminate.  She was unclear and unsure….thus, I have an appointment with another Dr. on Tuesday.  I don’t want to spend the money and ship the sperm and pay them out of pocked to do the IUI and they don’t know what they are doing.  I have and appointment with a fertility clinic.  I figure they know how to inseminate someone.  I don’t want to do any crazy fertility stuff yet, but I do want a Dr. that will walk me thru the process and not be shocked when the sperm bank ships them sperm.  Already, they had me fill out tons of paperwork asking all the questions I felt my Dr. was supposed to ask and I am meeting with the Dr. to come up with a “plan”.  This is my type of Dr.  I want to be as prepared as possible since I get one shot a month(no pun intended).  I don’t feel like that is too much to ask and I don’t think I should be the expert on my own ovulation…my Dr. should.

On another note, the Dr. said I need to be doing the ovulation stuff around 2pm in the afternoon.  That means I am going to pee in a cup and then sit in the bathroom for 5 minutes in the middle of my day at work.  Since they can’t know, they are just going to have to wonder what I am up too and I am going to have to just bring a book or something to waste 5 minutes.  Fortunatly, we have nice, private bathrooms at my work, so it should not be a big deal other than employees wondering what I am up to.  All in all, I am just glad to hopefully find a more knowledgable Dr. for the IUI.  It does mean that I am going to see 3 Drs. on Tuesday, but I figure this is just the beginning of Dr. visits, so no biggie.  I just hope this Dr. is a better fit than the current one!  -S


  1. tell them you have IBS if they get nosey. that will shut them up lol

  2. Glad you're finding people that make you feel comfortable--having a plan always makes me feel better, too! That said, though, you absolutely need to be the expert on your own ovulation! The drs can only do so much before the crazy fertility stuff sets in. I'd recommend doing the OPKs twice a day--usually I do them around 11 and 5, but you could do 2 and 9 or something (if it's ok for you to call late to schedule an insem). Some people have a shorter surge than others and only doing one a day means you might miss it. Good luck!