Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Big O

S called me earlier from work today, so excited because she got a positive on the OPK today, which means that she is/is about to ovulate!  I know that to most of you who are reading this and are just friends and family, that is not exciting news, but any of you out there who have gone through or are going through your own TTC journey know that this is big news.  You see, this is the first time S has gotten anything on these OPK sticks and for us this means that her body really is doing all of those things that our books and the different website say it is supposed to be doing.  Today is cycle day 15 for S, which is exactly right on. I guess we were just a bit worried because her BBT chart (temp chart) is just all over the place and like she posted the other day, the Dr. told her that it looked like she was ovulating 3 days ago, when we knew she wasn’t.  So maybe tomorrow on the BBT or the next day we will see the big temperature spike and the chart will make sense.  This is also exciting because that means that about 28-29 days from today, if all goes according to plan, we will try to do our first insemination!  That just about blows my mind.  Of course, we might have to wait and not try next month, but we will see.  S has an appointment at the fertility clinic next week and we are worried that they will think that we arn’t ready next month, that S needs to do more charting, that more testing needs to be done, etc.  I really hope not, I really hope that next month is the month.  I made S a CD today, a CD of “One Hit Wonders” to jazz her up and get us both in a positive frame of mind.

Here is the track list, in case you are interested:
1.  Lovefool- The Cardigans
2. Better Off Alone- Alice Deejay
3.  A Thousand Miles- Vanessa Carlton
4.  Melt With You- Modern English
5. One of Us- Joan Osborne
6. Walking in Memphis- Marc Cohn
7. Ice Ice Baby- Vanilla Ice
8. The Freshmen- The Verve Pipe
9. I Believe in a Thing Called Love- The Darkness
10.  Stay (I Missed You)- Lisa Loeb & Nine Stories
11.  I Ran- A Flock of Seagulls
12.  Breakfast at Tiffany’s- Deep Blue Something
13.  Bitter Sweet Symphony- The Verve
14.  Steal My Sunshine- Len
15.  Counting Blue Cars- Dishwalla
16.  Hey Jealousy- Gin Blossoms
17.  Flashdance..What a Feeling- Irene Cara
18.  Closing Time- Semisonice

I think it’s a really fun CD.  Some of the bands are actually pretty great, but they were still only considered to have one “hit” in their career.

In other news, yesterday we actually got a snow day in Austin!  It was pretty crazy to see snow here, it’s been a long time.  And I’m sure most of you who live even two or three hours north of here would have laughed at how 2 inches of snow closed down the whole city for the day.  Still, it was nice to stay on the couch all day instead of being at work.  And the really crazy part is that today it’s 67 degrees and sunny with a nice breeze.  I’ve got the windows open and it’s hard to believe that just yesterday was a snow day.  Things change quickly around these parts.  Off to enjoy some of this strange sunshine.


  1. Yay for ovulation! ! So excited for you to begin your journey. I hope its a short one.

  2. I'll second that--yay for positive OPKs! And I think your playlist of one hit wonders is both excellent and hilarious.

  3. there are some really great songs on there! good choices. ;)

    and YAY! for smiley faces. that's awesome. will keep you both in my thoughts and hope you'll be ready next month also.

    glad you enjoyed your snow day. SO crazy to us out here in CA. my mom lives in OK and sent pics of the 15" of snow they got. crazy, but beautiful. =)

  4. lol had a "snow" day in Houston too on Friday. There was no snow... AT ALL lol :)