Tuesday, March 13, 2012

First smile

Liz and I have been trying to get Jude to smile.  Liz has the approach of making funny faces at him. I never thought about that.  I was waiting for it to be a “good to see you mom” smile.  There have been a few times we thought he was smiling on purpose, but were unsure.  At night, he tends to smile thru one of his feedings lately, which is a nice surprise at 3am.

Yesterday, it happened.  I had him in his chair at the table facing Liz and me and decided to make faces at him.  He smiled and cooed at one of my faces!  It was amazing.  The first smile that was directed toward me!  It was cool that both Liz and I got to see it.  We are so excited about this and cannot wait for the day that he smiles and giggles on a regular basis.

On the car front, Liz got a new car.  It is awesome.  It is a Honda Civic.  I will let her tell you more about it in another post.  It is nice to know my wife is in a new, nice, reliable car!  I am very jealous of it, but also happy she is enjoying it so much.  It makes me feel better than her driving around in that crappy car she had.

I am dying to feel like a normal person again.  My gallbladder surgery is next Monday, so after I recover from that, I should be feeling better!  On top of that not being right, I went to the Dr. yesterday and both my breasts are infected and I have shingles.  I have felt bad for too long now!  I did not feel great at the end of the pregnancy, I then had to recover from the C section and then my gallbladder went out.  I am dying to feel better and like myself again.  I can handle the sleep deprivation, but am tired of being sick in some way.  Everything has been going so wrong, I went ahead and got some life insurance.  I know it is silly, but I should have a policy neways.

Little dude is growing!  He has been eating 4 oz with almost every feeding at this point.  He also is currently wearing a 6-9month onesie and fits into it well.  It is a little baggy, but the right length for him.  The 0-3month ones are too short on him and expose his chest because they are so stretched.  He is making all kinds of noise and kicking his little limbs around.  He can also hold his weight on his feet and loves to stand while I hold him.  He is so long and lean and strong.  He is just so amazing to me.  I love him so much and he grows and changes everyday.  I am excited for Liz to be off work and experience the days with him too.  After today, she only has 13 more days of work!

Even with feeling bad, I am enjoying my time with Jude everyday.  He is moving out of the “I just want to be cuddled” phase and into the “I also need to be entertained” phase.  He still likes his cuddles, but he also wants to play.

Speaking of, he is done with his baby TV time, so I gotta grab him!


  1. awww..so sweet to get your first real smile! I hope you're feeling better soon--it all sounds awful.

  2. I can't wait to make him laugh!

    Oh and in that household there will be no shortage! ;)

  3. Before long those smiles will be constant :)

  4. So sorry about your health stuff. So glad you are enjoying Jude so much! He sounds just lovely.

  5. Wow, you have been through a lot physically. Hope we are nearing the end of the health issues. When Jude start crawling you'll have to be able to start chasing him. :-)

  6. Ahhh I remember Kendall's first smile. Isn't it the greatest feeling. Now she wont stop smiling and cooing whenever I talk to her.