Thursday, March 1, 2012

1 Month Old

I can’t believe our baby is 1 month old today!  He just gets cuter and bigger everyday.  S took him to her OB follow up appointment today and they weighed him for us and the little chunk now clocks in at 10 lbs 4 oz!  Wow!  Here he is in his cute 4 week picture.

In other news, S is having some stomach issues.  For the last week or so she has been getting sharp intense pains in her stomach at night and the last 2-3 days they have been so bad that she has been crying from the pain and throwing up.  So today she went to her general doctor in addition to seeing her OB and they think the problem might be her gallbladder.  She is scheduled to get an ultrasound tomorrow to see for sure and depending on what they find, she might have to get it removed.  Oy-vey!  So much medical drama in our life right now!  At least she knows probably what the problem is and we can be on our way to getting her back to normal.  It’s been a rough month for S and I’m hoping things start looking up for her soon.  But, one piece of happy news from the doctor, S is only 6lbs away from her pre-pregnancy weight.  Wowza, baby!  Way to go!


  1. Adorable!

    I hope S's tummy issues get cleared up.

  2. Poor girl, I know she is ready to feel like her old self again. I am sure she misses her energy!

    Let her know I am free Tuesday afternoons after 2:00 and on Fridays before 10:30 for appointments going forward - fingers crossed she won't need to make any more.

    Miss all three of you and love you more!