Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Almost 7 Weeks!

Things seem to be looking up around our house hold.  S had her gallbladder surgery on Monday morning.  I couldn’t believe how fast the whole thing was.  We went in at 7:45, got blood work done, met with her surgeon, went into surgery around 9:30, out by 10:30, in recovery by 11:30 and heading home by 2.  Wow, so fast!  The doctor took pictures of her gallbladder and it was full of stones, so good thing we got that thing out of there.  S is recovering well.  She is pretty store and tired but with my mom in town for the week helping out, life with Jude has been happy and easy.  Thank goodness though for my mom, spending her whole Spring Break (she is a teacher) taking such good care of my darling wife and sweet little boy while I work all day.  S is heading back to the doctor today though as we are starting to doubt that the problems she is having with her breasts is really Mastitis.  Nothing has been able to clear it up and we are tired of having her on antibiotics for weeks on end.  

Jude is doing great.  I think that we are starting to hit that magical 8 weeks age when things get easier.  Not that he still doesn’t have his moments, last night he decided from about 6:30-8 that the only thing he wanted to do was scream and cry.  No matter what we did, we couldn’t get him to calm down.  He wasn’t hungry, didn’t need to be changed, didn’t like who was holding him or any of the various places we tried to put him down, nothing would do.  Then all of a sudden, he was fine.  I hate that, but it seems to be getting less and less.  He still isn’t sleeping much better, normally is up around 1am, 3 am, and then out of bed by 6 am.  Too early Jude!  Last night he slept it up and we finally woke him up to eat at 2am, but I think he is getting a cold.  I’ve had a cold for the last week and half or so and he has finally gotten it too.  At least he has picked up my cough.  Little guy was coughing on and off all night and seems a bit snotty too.  He isn’t running a fever though and doesn’t seem too unhappy, so hopefully it’s mild and he gets over it quickly.  S is calling his doctor today to be sure we don’t need to bring him in.

Jude is also smiling all of the time.  He loves to smile at us when we are talking to him and really smiles at my mom.  He just cannot get enough of her, he loves her so much, and it’s so cute to see.  I can’t wait till I am spending all day with him and he looks at me like that and cranes his little head around when he hears my voice the way he does for my mom and S.  I know that he knows who I am and does prefer me over most people, but he isn’t crazy for me the way he is for S and my mom.  Not yet, anyway. 

Jude talks all of the time.  If he is in a good mood, he is chattering away.  He really likes when I come home from work to sit with me and “tell me about his day”.  He loves to lay under his mobile and “talk to his friends”, which is what I call the little stuff animals on his mobile.  And according to my mom, yesterday he watched the mobile and waited till one of the animals got close to him and he batted at it on purpose!  Hard to say if it was really “on purpose” but I think he getting close to having some control over his arms, which is exciting.  I love seeing how every day he gets a little bit more in tune and interested in the world around him.

Only 7 more days at work!  Eek!  I can’t believe that!  I guess I better get some work done while I’m still here.  


  1. Glad it's getting easier! Good luck with the last bit of work :)

  2. Glad to hear that things are going well. We found that things did get easier as The Bean got older. It's so cool when they start smiling (on purpose) and starting to interact more.