Monday, August 29, 2011

Updates and Pictures!

            I feel like I am behind on blogging right now, with so much fun baby stuff going on right now!  Of course you all saw that we had our ultrasound last week where we found out we are having a boy!  We couldn’t be more excited.  I really thought up until the moment we found out that I wanted a girl but honestly the minute the tech told us boy, I had tears in my eyes and was so happy I thought I’d just explode from the joy.  It just feels so right.  And all along we’ve felt really strongly about the name Jude and kept changing our minds about our girl names.  Here are some of the ultrasound pictures for you. 
First one, the junk shot proving his boy-ness:

I think that in this one he looks like he is flashing gang signs and is getting ready to party:

Face shot.  We couldn’t get any profile shots because of how he was laying.  The tech poked S quite a bit trying to get him to move into another position, but he didn’t want to.

And look at that perfect spine and head!

All in all, the tech didn’t find any problems what so ever and he is progressing along nicely.  Of course, the bigger Jude gets, the bigger S’s belly gets!  Here is her 20th week bump shot. 

Now that we know it’s a boy, it feels like we really have the go ahead to start putting this nursery together.  S and I put together the crib the other day.  It was much harder than I thought it would be, and easier than S thought it would be.  Either way it was time consuming, it took us about 1 ½ hours to put together.  I think it was the attached changing table that really made it take forever.  We got a sheet for it and I’m going to be making a crib skirt soon.  We’ve decided against crib bumpers for the safety reasons, plus no point in registering for a big expensive crib bedding set when all we really need is the sheets.  I think it looks pretty cute so far.  Here is it:

I also made curtains for the room.  The pattern is different colored dinosaurs if you couldn’t tell from the picture.  I think I’m going to use the same material to make the crib skirt so it all matches some.  Here is a shot of the curtains:

It’s all coming together and it’s looking so cute that I can’t help but go in there at least once a day to look around and smile.  It’s a really happy, peaceful room so far I think. 

Next up on the agenda is getting registered.  We are going to be doing that next week once we get back from a little mini vacation to the coast.  I asked on Facebook and got a lot of great information, so I’ll ask you folks as well, any advise on what to register for?  Specifically, if you already have kiddos, anything you ended up really loving or anything you got and hated and never used?  


  1. The nursery is looking adorable! I think the curtain print will look cute as the crib skirt too. :) love you THREE!

  2. Great shots! And it looks like the nursery is coming along the dinosaurs!! :)

  3. little jude has a perfect nursery! i thought we could register in a flash but then we started and i feel like i have no idea what we need lol!

  4. Cute baby you've got there! Congrats on a boy. I have two boys and it's awesome. :) Love the nursery. Someone told me that whatever gender name you decide on easily will be what you have. It was true both time for us - we couldn't decide on girls' names either!

  5. congrats on finding out you're having a boy. Jude is one of my all time favorite names (we were just talking about it last night, in fact!) so glad someone will get to use it! ;)

  6. Your son is beautiful, and the nursery is coming along great!

    I have a guide from a friend (a mother of two), which includes all the stuff she actually thinks they needed to handle their little ones. She talks about how many of various things they needed, and, in some cases, she recommends brands. It's an AWESOME guide, and I'd be happy to ask her if I might share it, if you're interested. Let me know (and let me know where/how to e-mail it to you).

    Congratulations on your sweet, sweet Jude!

  7. Congrats! Boys are so much fun!!!