Thursday, August 4, 2011


     Holla!  We are back from our wonderful and much needed Mexican vacation.  We went with my family, which included S and I, my mom and step-dad, my brother and his wife, and my youngest brother.  We had way to much fun.  We stayed in a really nice all inclusive resort right outside of Playa Del Carmen.  All we did was drink (not S though, don’t worry), eat, and float in some sort of water.  Paradise.  Luckily for S, she felt pretty good I’d say about 75% of the time we were there and didn’t get sick on the plane.  She did get sick on her 30th birthday though, which was Sunday.  Boo.

     While we were there, S thinks that she felt the baby move.  She thinks that she has been feeling it a bit for the past week now, but its just little pings here and there and a few flutters.  She doesn’t seem too look very pregnant yet, which I know is frustrating her, she wants to look pregnant now!  But she will be getting there soon, I think.

     On the way back into the US, we got our carry on bags searched in customs.  The guy searching S’s bag found all of her snacks (she was worried about times between meals at the resort and brought a ton of stuff to hold her over, which ended up being a good thing) and saw that she had a bunch of peanut butter crackers and asked if he could have a pack, “for security purposes”.  Too funny.  Of course she gave them to him.

  Not a lot of other fun stories to tell, we mostly relaxed while in Mexico.  I’ll leave with you with a few pictures.
My feet and the beach

More of the beach

 So pretty

Our feet in the sand

Here is the 16th week bump!


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