Tuesday, August 23, 2011

One BIG Crib

Our crib is here!  Now that we have the crib, things are starting to feel real.  It struck me last night when I was picking it up, hey, we are actually going to have a baby to stick in that thing, and pretty soon at that.  Wow, still blows my mind.   

Picking up the crib yesterday was quite the ordeal.  We ordered it from Walmart and did the ship to store thing so that we wouldn’t have to pay for shipping.  Yesterday I got the email that everything was in and so I went after work to get it.  S was working till 11 last night so I couldn’t really wait for her.  I got there and the crib was in two really big boxes.  They had to call someone to help me out with them because they were on this big dolly and I obviously wasn’t going to be able to put them in my car by myself.   

Fast forward to twenty minutes later (Walmart is always so slow) and we were loading them into my car.  I drive a small, compact car with a hatchback, and figured with the seats down, surely the boxes would fit.  Wrong.  One of the two boxes was about 2 inches too long to fit into my car and close the hatch no matter how I moved the seats around.  At this time, it’s 9:00 on a Monday night and S was still at work and I couldn’t get a hold of my BFF, and I just couldn’t come up with any solutions other than to just wedge the boxes in as best I could and drive really slowly home (I tried to tie them up with a zebra scarf I had in the car, but that didn’t work).

Luckily we live about 1-2 miles away from Walmart, so it wasn’t a long drive.  But I was freaking out that the boxes would slide out of my car, not only messing up the crib but also causing a car accident.  I put my hazard lights on and drove slowly home.  Somehow, I made it home with both boxes intact and inside of my car.   

Once I got home, I realized that I had to figure out a way to get these out of my car.  Because I couldn’t close the hatch, I couldn’t just leave them where anyone could steal them, plus it would have killed my battery to leave the hatch open for three hours while I waited for S to get home.  So I got crazy and slid the boxes out of my car on my own, which was no easy feat, as they are like I said, big boxes that weighed at least 40-50 lbs each.  And then I somehow carried them to the front porch where I left them so that S could help me move them the rest of the way when she got home.   

An hour later, I started thinking, these are too heavy for her to move and I don’t want her to strain herself moving them, so I gathered up my strength again and somehow by the grace of God, moved them into the nursery.  Now they await being put together, which I will hopefully do tonight.     

Yesterday we also got a package from our dear old roomie who is now living in the UK.  She sent us the cutest onesie, which we realized is the first piece of baby clothing we have gotten.  One of S’s coworkers also got us this really cute monkey toy to clip onto the side of the crib, which I will do once it is put together.   It’s what is on top of the boxes to give you some perspective of the size of the boxes.


  1. Yikes! Sounds like quite the adventure! :)

  2. You get BIG points in my book for tackling those boxes!