Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Pretty Young Thing

It seems like things are finally starting to get moving and a shaking with this whole having a baby deal.  The crib/changing table combo and crib mattress are picked out, ordered, and on their way to the house.  The nursery walls are painted (though I need to get some touch up paint to fix where I scratched them last night moving furniture out of the room, erg!), and thanks to one of my wonderful BFFs, last night we got the base boards painted and are finishing doing the rest of the trim tonight.  On Wednesday we are having the carpets cleaned (yay for not having to do it myself!), and we are hoping over Labor Day weekend to get our registry together because by then we will know if the baby is a little bean or a little beanette.  Of course there is still plenty left to do, but now it feels like we are almost half way done now that most of the big projects will be done soon. I can’t wait for the whole thing to come together.  And thank goodness for my friend Rex for helping with painting the trim.  I quickly realized that I am terrible at painting trim.  I’m hoping that it will be a bit better tonight doing around the window and doors.  Also, the people who lived in this house before us painted the trim green.  I cannot even begin to say how stupid looking green trim is.  It’s so nice to have it be a pretty glossy white. 

Poor S is still not having a fun time being pregnant.  She hasn’t been feeling very good the last few days and last night she got really sick, which was the first time since we were in Mexico, so she has been doing better, but not great.  This morning her eye lids look a bit funny and I think it’s from how hard she was throwing up yesterday.  Boo.  But, her belly is getting really nice and round and I just couldn’t love it more.  She just looks so dang cute!

This week according to all of our this is what your baby is up to websites, the baby can now hear what is going on outside of the womb.  So it can hear us talking, loud noises, music, you name it.  Also, on the In The Womb documentary it said that babies in the womb can hear music and if they hear the same song often enough they will be able to recognize it even after they are born, which is too cool.  So that said, I’m starting to make Baby’s first Mix CD.  Any suggestions for songs?  I’ve gotten a few funny suggestions so far like Michael Jackson’s PYT. 


  1. Awww- baby's mix CD!

    Tryyy... Baby Beluga. The more we get together (Raffi). Sing, Sing a Song. This little duck that I once knew...

    and then there's the adult side of things. If you like piano (I do, which is why I mention it), I'd imagine Baby would enjoy anything nice and soothing. Try "River Runs in You" by Yiruma. There's also "bella's lullaby" (yes, it's from twilight, but it's BEAUTIFUL!). Rainbow Connection?

    how sweet. let us know what you end up with. =)

  2. Sounds like you're getting a lot done in the way of nesting! Hope S starts to feel better soon so she can enjoy being knocked up :)

  3. There is also the Dino 5--hip hop for kids--they dress up like dinosaurs and they are actually all real hip hop artists. Amazing. Let me revote: Madonna. That is what Baby Beal will be listening too!

  4. i've been playing classical music for our boy. i also sing him beautiful boy a couple times a week. its amazing how quickly they are able to move around and hear things. just amazing.