Friday, August 19, 2011

EXPLOSION #1! (and hopefully the last)

Okay preggie hormones, here we go.  I had an EXPLOSION yesterday.  We were in the car, driving to swim at a friends house and I was in stop and go traffic on I-35 (per usual) and I lost it.  I whipped the car around and drove back home.  We were on the road for an hour in what should have been a 25 minute drive and I LOST MY MIND!!  I was so livid…red faced, breathing fire.  I get home and tear into Liz.  She is confused and hurt and unsure of what to do and I am screaming at the top of my lungs.  What was I upset about….nothing really, but I was beyond reason and beyond upset.  WHOA!  That was intense for me and I was the one doing it.  I eventually calmed down a little and we went to the movies.  We saw Crazy Stupid Love and it was really cute.

My poor wife.  I cannot believe I acted like such a crazy, raged, lunatic.  We have been together for 9 years now and we hardly ever fight.  This was not even a fight, it was just me yelling at her for no good reason.  (side note-  sorry baby, you are amazing and wonderful and beautiful and I love you so much!  I don’t know who was yelling at you yesterday, but I will kick her butt!!!!)

Neways..emotions sometimes get overwhelming for me in my preggie state.  It is not only anger, I have also been intensely sad for a few hours and happy as all get out.  It is quite strange.  In the moment, it is like a roller coaster and you cannot filter or think straight, just pouring of emotion.

On another note, I think I have a craving:  Broccoli cheese soup.  Yup, this lactose intolerant girl cannot get enough!  I love it!!  I think Liz is going to make me some homemade so I can quit stalking restaurants for their soup.  She also made a delicious roast with parsnip mashed potatoes and Yorkshire pudding with gravy last night….yum.  Can you tell I am preggie and food is always on my mind:)

Here is to hoping for calmer mood swings….


  1. Oh man, hormones. Sounds like that was an intense (and scary) time for you. I hope for your sake AND Liz's that you're a one explosion kinda preggo lady :)

  2. I'm right at the stage you are, and my moods are crazed, as well. I haven't had a rage yet, but I have moments of feeling intensely (illogically) critical of my partner--and we usually never fight, either.