Monday, August 8, 2011

Baby movement??

I think I have started feeling the baby move some.  It started when I was in Mexico.  Sometimes it feels like flutters and sometimes it is one swift hi-ya kick.  It never lasts very long or repeats itself around the same time I felt the first one.  Since I have never been preggie before, it is hard to tell, but I know my body well enough to know it is not my usual inside workings moving around.  Everyone says that when you feel the baby move for the first time, you will know, but I have not had the feeling yet of, oh my that was for sure the baby.  I was listening to techno on my way home last night and don’t think the baby is fond of it.  Either that or it is really fond of it.  It felt like it was moving around.  It also tends to move around quite a bit when I am laying down to go to bed.  I have a feeling that this baby is going to rock and roll all night while I am trying to sleep once I start feeling it on a regular basis.  I am excited to feel it move on a regular basis in the next month.

This week is week 17…the baby is growing TONS in the next few weeks.  I am excited to start really showing.  I think by week 20 there will be no doubts I am truly preggie, but we will see.  Right now, I am just extra padded in the middle:)

We have a Drs. apt. on Thurs.  No sonogram in this one.  Our big sonogram is on Aug. 25th.  This is the one where they measure the organs and such.  Or, as Liz likes to call it, “the one we find out the sex of the baby”.  Yesterday when I was blowing out my candles (we had a small b-day gathering for me)  Liz said, “wish for a girl!”  I did not wish for a girl…I am happy to be carrying either:)  I keep teasing Liz that I am going to find out the gender without her so that I don’t have to see her disappointment when they say, “it’s a boy!” at the next sonogram.  She better practice her happy face just in case:)

I am feeling sick on a regular basis again.  It depends on the day.  Yesterday I felt okay.  The day before I was nauseous all day long.  I was hoping it would go away completely, but no such luck yet.  I may be one of those women who is a little sick thru the whole pregnancy.  Yuck!

I feel like the worse pregnant woman ever.  People keep asking me if I am enjoying being pregnant and I  keep saying, “not really”.  Right now, I don’t know if I am feeling the baby move and mostly I just feel sick.  Not the most enjoyable thing ever.  Totally worth it for my little bundle of joy, but honestly, I can’t say it is all that enjoyable.  I enjoy watching my tummy and my baby grow.  I enjoy getting stuff for the baby and planning the nursery.  I am looking forward to all the love this little baby is going to get from not only us, but everyone around them, when he/she gets here.  I am dying to feel the baby move around on a regular basis and know that is what is happening.  But, right now, being sick is the main thing telling me I am preggie.  I feel kinda jipped at this point.  I wanted to be pregnant for over a decade.  I thought it would be this amazing experience where I would feel great and glow and dance around happily with my preggie tummy.  I am still waiting on that part:)  Right now, I am tired of puking and gagging and feeling exhausted all the time.  I am tired of my feet swelling from standing on them 9 hours a day.  I want to truly look pregnant instead of just looking fat.  Oh well, all in due time.  I think I will feel different once I feel the baby moving around and when baby Jude or Lily is born, I will look back on all of this and go, “it was great!”  and not remember a second of feeling sick:)

Here’s hoping the baby starts jumping around soon:)


  1. To be honest, I hated being pregnant. I was sick and miserable the entire time, yet I kept trying to pretend I was super happy just because of all the effort it took to get pregnant. I didn't want to look ungrateful. I am SO grateful that I was able to get pregnant and now have the babies, but I never ever want to go through that again. So there's nothing wrong with not enjoying it. It doesn't mean you won't enjoy your beautiful little baby when s/he is born. :)

    Yay for feeling some flutters!! Feeling the babies move was the one part of pregnancy I really did enjoy.

  2. Did you definitely decide on Jude or Lily?!!! Can't wait to find out the sex, so exciting!!!