Saturday, January 22, 2011

One Hit Wonder

I just purchased a Clear Blue ovulation kit that was packaged with the monitor, 30 test strips and 3 pregnancy tests.  Very exciting!  This whole thing is crazy really.  We could try to become preggie next month.  The percentages are not very promising.  Even under the best of circumstances, you only have an 10-20% chance of pregnancy.  Jeez.  That’s just not much.  With fertility drugs, you go up to a 20-25% chance.  Still not very high.  I really want to be a one hit wonder, but it appears that it might take quite a bit to get there.  With all this prepping, I feel like I am already preggie!  Yet, the hardest part of trying is yet to come.  I really don’t think I could stand to try for a year.  I hope it is an easy take, but I am torn on whether to get excited and go, “I’m going to be a One Hit Wonder!” or just play it cool and look at the facts that it could take up to a year.  I keep telling people that it could take up to a year and they keep saying, “or it could take the first time”.  If only…..
I think I will just daydream about being pregnant until it happens.  Until then, I will be buying weird stuff like strips to pee on a few times a month and a thermometer I have to use every morning.

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