Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Era of Peeing

As you can probably tell, I am a stress ball about certain things…okay most things.  The other day, L said she was stressed, which is a rare occurance, so then I got stressed.  I got stressed about carrying a baby during the busy season at my job and that the stress would not be good.  L says, “don’t be stressed about possible future stress”.  Okay, she is right, how dumb is that.

On another note, the Clear Blue test kit needs to start when your period starts.  This would have been good for our Dr. to inform us of, but alas, now we have a test kit a month early.  So, we went and got a plain jane ovulation kit.  The era of peeing on things begins.  Just to explain what I am calling the era of peeing, I now, get up at 6am and take my temp.  Then, I go and pee into a small plastic cup, which I think will only result in lots of peeing on my hands until I get good.  (L suggests that I can only get better at it….let’s hope so because when I pee into a cup for the OBGYN, it is always a mess.)  Moving right along, so then I take a stick and dip it in the pee for 10 seconds.  Then, after 5 minutes, a dark line apears according to hormonal levels.  If it is really dark, you are ovulating.  If it is really light, you are not.  There is a bar that you compare your pee bar to so you can tell.

Then, once I am ovulating, I call the Dr. and say, “Hey Doc, I’m ovulating” and then 24-36 hours after that, they sperm me up.  (ONE HIT WONDER, ONE HIT WONDER.  Sorry, it’s now a hopefull chant in my head:) ) Then, after a week I think,  I get the pleasure of peeing on a stick again.  This time, it is a “Preggie/not Preggie" stick.  If it does not take the first time, the process starts again.  Note also that I will be peeing on an ovulation stick for the next 10-20 days since I have not yet charted a full cycle.  So, more days than not for at least the next few months, I will be peeing on sticks…thus..The Era of Peeing begins tomorrow at 6am!  On that note, I better get to bed

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  1. you pee more than anyone i know. so, at least we know you're already awesome at that task! :)