Thursday, January 27, 2011

He Hates Our Unborn Baby

So pretty much everyone has been really supportive of our plans to have a baby.  We haven't told very many people yet, but still it's so nice to have everyone be so positive about the whole thing.  Everyone that is, except for this man.  This is Eric, our roommate's brother.  He doesn't mind being identified, so I don't feel bad about putting his name.  Eric told us all of the following things recently: that he will only be friends with us again once the baby has grown up, that the sperm donor we have picked out looks like a serial killer, and that we should name our future child Boom Chico.  I'm hoping that he is mostly kidding on these things, but you never know with Eric.  Also, he requested to be included in the blog, so here you go Eric!

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  1. oh good... i can't be named as most unsupportive ;)