Saturday, January 22, 2011

Exciting Day!

**We thought that this was deleted but it isn’t!**

We had a very exciting day yesterday!  L took off the day to join me for the drs. appointment I had with the OBGYN to ask questions and what they called a “pre-preggie visit”.  So, I made an appointment to also go and tour the South Austin Birthing Center before my appointment.  The most exciting part is the Birthing center.  I have been following them while it was constructed around the corner from our house.  They just opened in December and it is beautiful!!  I walked in and turned to L and said, “this is where I want to give birth”!  She was totally conviced by the place too.  They have and Art Room and a Music Room.  Both of which had an amazing bathtub they said you can use when you are preggie and have a hard day.  Sweet!  The fees also include free preggie yoga, all your pre-birth check ups, and 6 weeks of post pardum care.  The people there were so nice!

My drs. appointment was fine, but not exciting.  She answered all my questions and took some blood, but seemed to think we were jumping the gun I think.  I thought she would do a whole pre-preggie diagnositic, but she just answered some questions and let us go on our way.  I did pee in a cup, which is harder than it sounds, and they did draw blood, which may have scarred me for life.  I will post the pic.  It looks like a dog ran up and ravaged my arm.  It is nuts what a poor job she did. 

The most surprizing part of the whole visit was that both places seemed to not have worked with lesbians before.  I am not surprized by the OBGYN, but Birthing Center was not sure how it worked to become preggie for lesbians.  I was just as surpirzed by the fact that they had never really worked with lesbians as they were to find two lesbians touring the facility pre-conception. 

Then, we came home and narrowed our seach of donars down to 3! 

All in all, we are well on our way to becoming preggie!!  A very exciting day for us!!  I came home and rooms said it felt like I was already preggie and I totally agree.  All this is making me really, really excited now.  I am over my nervousness (for now) and onto being ready to be knocked up!!!!

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  1. a birthing center that hasn't worked with lesbians? isn't that like target demographic for that sort of place? man, they need someone to work on their PR