Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Fun Stuff

I’m having a boring day at work today and thought that after my depressing post about how much money this is costing us, I’d post something a bit happier.  So I scoured the internet looking for things that I’d like for our future baby.  S doesn’t really like looking at this sort of stuff (yet), but it’s been my favorite thing to walk down the baby isle at Target for like 5 years now.  So here are a few things to tickle your fancy.

First thing, I LOVE mobiles.  I love love love them.  I want tons of them and I’ve really wanted to try my hand at making them.  There are so many cute ideas out there that it’s just hard to pick.

I also really love the idea of wall decals.  They are pretty cool, just peel and stick on any wall and like magic, it’s transformed.  S and I really want to do some sort of forest themed nursery, and I love the little animals the trees in the top left decal.  I also like the idea of having a Dr. Seuss quote up on one of the walls, but I’m not sure which one I like better, they are both so cute!

I also want to make sure that my kid is awesome.  I think that cool coloring books are so the way to go, there are too many lame Barney coloring books out there.  I’d like my kid to start to have some culture right away.  That includes music.  Did you know that there is a whole ton of different CDs that have lullaby versions of awesome music?  I love the idea of Radiohead and there is also one for The Cure!  How cool is that?  And in keeping with all of the animal stuff, the whale goes over the spout in the bathtub, which is not only cute but also keeps the wee ones from bumping their tiny heads.

I also love to look at baby clothes.  I love the ‘business bib’.  I  think it is so cute.  S and I saw a onesie (or is it onezee?) the other day that was a fake tux, I love stuff like that.

And lastly, something for S and something for the baby once she/he is a little older.  I love the can’t touch this shirt for S while she is pregnant.  Not only is it funny, but also, who wants strangers touching them all of the time?  And I love the Jane Goodall t, it’s important to have good role models/heros in your little ones life.
Hope you enjoyed!


  1. You can't post such cute stuff and not give us links!!! Specifically the Jane Goodall tee. :)

  2. Well I just looked to try to find the Goodall T and I guess the store doesn't carry it anymore :( But here is the link for the store anyway, http://www.peekkids.com/store/
    they have lots of other cute baby/kids shirts. I should have posted links for all of it. Let me know if you want me to find links for anything else.

  3. like the pics! the suit and goodall super cool. yeah, i always thought it was weird that people come up and touch your belly. wth is that about?