Wednesday, March 11, 2015

World's Best IUI

The deed is done!  We went in this morning for our first IUI for this cycle.  Our favorite nurse Becky did the actual insemination.  We love her because she has just the most positive sweet personality and she is so much gentler than the doctor.  Also, she is always on time and ready to go!  So we requested that she do tomorrow's IUI as well, which insures us two painfree, peaceful IUIs.  Beforehand we did an ultrasound to make sure there was a good looking, mature follicle.  Here she is in all of her glory, the chosen folicial, which is the black circle in the middle of the little green plus signs, which they use to measure it.
Everything looked perfect, great folicial, nice lush uterine lining, good sperm count (12.2 million motile sperm to be exact).  Becky even said that if this IUI doesn't work it will be one of those head scratchers as to why not.  And here is the after ultrasound of the sperm placement, which are the three little white dots in the middle and not just one big white spot like last time because they were already on the move before we got the ultrasound.  

I know it probably seems silly to take pictures of this stuff, but I just think it is so cool that we have pictures of both the egg and sperm that were used to concieve this baby.  How many people can really say that?
Sticky, sticky baby thoughts!

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  1. The after picture is so cool! I wish we had that. Sounds like everything was perfect!