Sunday, March 22, 2015

Breathing is harder than it seems

S and I are both miserable with allergies this weekend.  Not sure if it is spring, or all the rain, or something else, but we are both coughing and snotty and draining and yuck.  I've taken just about everything possible and still feel bad and poor S because she is possibly pregnant has to be really careful what she can take and thus feels even worse than I do.  Ugh.  And it has been raining the last few days but today was totally beautiful.  Of course we didn't get to enjoy it at all as we were inside suffering.
On the TTC note, S has thrown up twice now I believe and felt sick a bit of yesterday.  Today all sickness was allergy related.  She started taking pregnancy tests on Saturday, but nothing positive yet. Looking back on old blogs looks like we were wrong about when we got the BFP with Jude and it was actually day 13 of the TWW so that puts it at Tuesday if things stay the same.  Fingers crossed still!  We have our blood test scheduled for Thursday morning, so we will see.

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  1. Fingers are SO SO crossed!!!!

    What DPO did S test?