Thursday, March 12, 2015

Another Awesome IUI

We went in and did our second IUI this morning.  Once agin we got the nurse we liked instead of the too rough and too Debbie downer doctor.  Don't get me wrong, we love our doctor, he is great.  But he has a pretty typical doctor attitude/poor bedside manner, which isn't pleasent when you are trying to be positive and relaxed.  Also, I think the nurse really likes us and thus does lots of ultrasounds for us.  So here is once again the egg before insemination, or at least were the egg was because S ovulated some time yesterday.  So what you are seeing is more the ovulation fluid and such.  So prefect timing there.
If you look back to yesterday's picture you can see how this one is slightly different.  And of course we have the pic from after placement, the sperm is again the little white spot next to the green plus sign.
Motile sperm count was good again today, about 13 million.  So now we start the dreaded two week wait.  I really really think that this is the lucky time, fingers crossed knock on wood.  Yesterday a coworker of S's who doesn't know at all that we are trying to get pregnant came up to her and said that she had a dream last night that S was pregnant with a little girl.  And this woman has never mentioned before having a dream about S.  Could it be a sign?  Also on the way to the gym this morning I heard the songs Crying by Aerosmith (babies cry), All the she wants is another baby by Ace of Base, and Don't worry Baby by the Beach Boys.  Also a sign possibly?
Please stick baby, please!

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  1. That playlist sounds hopeful to me, LOL!!! Best of luck gals!!!