Tuesday, March 24, 2015

A Helpful Solution

If you have followed this blog for very long you probably know that my mother in law has some halariously bad suggestions.  Like when she suggested with Jude that we pick a donor who is tall because, and I quote, "people look up to tall people".  Or not to pick someone with a PHD because they have a poor work ethic and our child would be too smart and out whit us.  Thanks.  So today we were hanging out and i was telling her that our main objection to fertility drugs is the chance of multiples.  And she told me that if we did end up with twins she knows a really nice couple that really want a baby.  She said she bet they would do an open adoption so we could still see the baby.  Oh wow, no.  So much no.  At the time all I could say was no, if that happened we'd keep both babies.  Telling S about it we were cracking up about what a good deterrent to bad behavior it would be, like Jenny if you don't come here this instance I'll send you to live with the Nelsons like your twin brother!  And how would you pick which one to get rid of??  She cracks me up with her ideas sometimes.

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