Tuesday, March 31, 2015

HSG Test

S got an HSG test done this morning.  The test basically is where they put a catheter through your cervix and fill everything up with contrast dye and then look at and where it goes through an X-ray.  Our doctor recommended it just to be sure that S didn't have any scaring due to her csection and gallbladder surgery.  S was really nervous about the test because we had been told by our doctor that it was a 5 on a 1-10 pain scale.  I'm happy to say that S didn't find it to be anything more than uncomfortable.  Also they didn't find any blockages, though when they were doing the test one side took longer than the other to spill out of the Fallopian tube.  Whole thing took about thirty minutes.  They wouldn't let me come back and be with her/watch but they did let me see a picture they took at the end, which is really cool of them.  You can see the little squiggles In the middle of the picture that is the dye coming out of the tubes.

On the insurance side we are trying to appeal their decision to deny our claim but it doesn't sound like it will work out.  Their policy about 12 failed cycles is pretty clear, we just didn't know about it because we trusted the doctors office to figure it out.  We will see what happens.  The doctor was able to code the HSG test as being related to a painful period so it would be covered.  We ended up paying under $200 for it so that's not bad.  And I think we have decided we are going to go ahead and do the next cycle with the full fertility drugs.  It makes the most sence to us.  So fingers crossed between the increased fertility from the HSG test and the drugs that May is our lucky month.  It was with Jude. :)

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  1. We got pregnant exactly 2 months to the day from Kris having her HSG. So, looks like May IS your month!!!! :)