Thursday, February 26, 2015

Ready to Rock the Next Cycle

We went to see the doc today and they did an ultrasound on S and everything looks good.  Uterian lining was right on and there were cute little folicials on each side just waiting to grow and be our future baby.  They pulled her thyroid levels and we will hear back on that in a few days.  S is also going to not take her DHA pills for the next few days to see if that is what is causing the nasua.  If so we will have to find another DHA to use, can't have the little lady be sick all the time if we can help it!

I also went ahead and ordered our next round of sperm and got a sweet random 10% discount for ordering two vials (Fairfax if you are shopping around).  The nurse at the doctor was telling us that they had a patient this week whose vials didn't get there in time for her ovulation because of weather delays with the shipping, even after they put in it was a medical emergency and what not.  And the poor thing has been doing all of the monitoring and drugs and what not and it was all for nothing.  So they were like order your sperm now just in case.  Should be there Monday so I think we are covered.

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  1. So happy to see you gals rolling right along! Baby dust coming your way!