Monday, February 2, 2015

Happy Birthday Jude!

Three years ago today the most life changing, scary, wonderful thing happened- my sweet baby boy Jude was born.  Time goes by so fast and he is growing up even faster.  Before I had kids, despite having younger brothers, I had no idea what a three year old would be like.  I figured they could walk and talk some, but for the most part they would be babies, toddlers at best, not kids.  I was so wrong, Jude is in no way a baby anymore and he isn't a toddler either.  He is a kid, a little kid sure, but a kid all the same.  And he is delightful.  The way he laughs and squeals when he is happy or thinks something is funny, well there is nothing like it.  He is so funny!  And so very very sweet.  Also stubborn, obnoxious, and a terrible sleeper.  He is so very loveable, I can't hardly imagine my life without him.  Happy birthday Jude!
Our first family picture, right after Jude was born.
One week old
1st birthday
2nd birthday 
3rd birthday

On Saturday we had his birthday party.  He has been asking for Lightning McQueen cupcakes so we had Cars themed party.  It was so much fun and he had such a blast.  This morning on his actual birthday we suprised him with a radio flyer bike and are going to Chuckie Cheese for dinner.  He is so spoiled!  Party pics:

Requested cupcakes.  So good!
Three candles
Opening way too many presents
Proud, happy Mommas


  1. Awwwww, love all the Jude pics!!!! Happy Birthday, Jude!!! (And well done Mamas!!!)

  2. Happy Birthday Jude! And congratulations Mamas for another year of doing such a fantastic job with this kiddo!!