Wednesday, February 11, 2015

IUI #1

Like I expected, S ovulated yesterday afternoon (I made her do a random afternoon test) and so we went into do the IUI this morning.  First they did an ultrasound to make sure the follicle was the right size and on its way.  The  nurse showed us how on S's left side there was a perfect follicle waiting to go and that her lining was also exactly what it needed to be.  So we went grocery shopping for 30 minutes (randomly) while they defrosted the sperm and did the count.  When we came back we had a whopping 25 million sperm ready to get to work.  So the IUI was pretty perfectly timed and we go back in tomorrow at 10:30 for IUI #2!
Oh and a random thing they did was do a quick ultrasound after the insemination to show the sperm placement.  If you look the picture it is the white spot above the green cross.  Weird, right?  Baby's first picture.
Think sticky baby thoughts!  We are optimistically referring to S as two weeks and one day pregnant (bc you start counting from the start day of your last period).


  1. I have my fingers crossed for you all. Good luck!

  2. That ultrasound is AMAZINGLY COOL!!!!!

    I would so be showing that off to everyone, lol. Good luck, ladies! Fingers crossed!!!