Thursday, February 12, 2015

IUI #2

We did IUI#2 this morning.  It was less ideal than yesterday's with the nurse.  Our doctor always always always runs late.  It's annoying, but I get that what he does is time sensitive and hard to schedule.  Today was no exception.  We got to the office around 10:15 for our 10:30 appointment.  For the insemination they want your bladder to be full, it helps with alignment.  So S is already pretty full of liquids and is finishing a bottle of water in the waiting room.  By 10:30 she needs to pee but knows she can't.  It isn't till 11:00 that they bring us back and by then she is so uncomfortable that she goes and pees just a little.  The nurse does an ultrasound on her bladder to make sure it's full enough and is like whoa, you are full, are you going to be ok?  S says she will be ok as long as the doctor doesn't take another twenty minutes to come back.  Well, nurse is like go ahead a pee a bit more.  Doctor finally comes by at 11:15, does his thing, which this time really really hurts poor S, has no bedside manner, basically says we will discuss drugs next month, and leaves.  So she has another 15 minutes of waiting after the insemination before she can go pee, which is torture.  For the first few minutes we try to relax to the soothing music and hold hands but then S is so needing to pee that we watch Bad Lip Reading NFL 2015 on YouTube on my iPad to pass the time along with another Bad Lip Reading video (which are really funny if you haven't seen them btw).  Oh and our sperm counts were even higher today, 36 million if I remember correctly.  

Even if today's IUI wasn't perfect, we are convinced it was just for fun anyway and that S got pregnant yesterday.  All yesterday she felt a tiny baby bloat and lots of little cramps and does today as well.  This afternoon she has been feeling queasy and even thew up, which could be unrealated but you never know.  After all, with Jude S felt differences in her body pretty much right away.  She is very sensitive and can always tell when she ovulates too.  So we begin our two week wait, we come in for the blood test on 2/26.  Fingers crossed, good juju sent, positive thinking, all that good stuff please send!  Pregnant til proven otherwise PUPO!!

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  1. Congrats on your PUPO!!!!

    PS-Bad Lip Reading NFL 2014 is our FAVORITE thing on youtube...."Hambone!!!!" Haha