Thursday, January 29, 2015

Grow Little Follicles!

Today we did our cycle day 3 visit with our fertility doctor.  For those not in the know, the appointment is mostly for figuring out what drugs and dosages you need and just to make sure everything looks good, no ovarian cysts or anything like that.  Our appointment went great.  First they did an ultrasound to measure the uterine lining, which was just where it should be.  Then they look at the ovaries and measure any follicles.  S had several that were in the normal range for this point in her cycle so basically everything looked good and is ready to go!!

We talked to our doc after reviewing the ultra sounds about the whole thyroid thing and he said that they wouldn't need to test it again till S was pregnant so no worries about that stopping things.  And he said once we get the positive OPK that we would come in and do another ultrasound before the IUI to be sure the follicle looked good and was on it's way so we arnt wasting sperm if it is ruptured or something.  Totally nice thin is that they don't charge for that.  So now it is just a matter of peeing on sticks till we get that positive, which timing wise should be somewhere between Feburary 9-11th as we will do two IUIs 24 hours apart.

Yay!  We are so excited!  We are making plans to go our for one more big meal at the Brazilian resturant in town (steak!) before S can't eat it anymore, so that's exciting too.  And the nice part about TCC your second kid vs the first is that while it is still exciting, it isn't all consuming like the first time was, mostly because Jude keeps us so busy!  That plus having his birthday party this Saturday and his actual birthday on Monday.  Geez, still can't believe he is only days away from being 3 years old!

So we are thinking One Hit Wonder thoughts and doing all we can to see that BFP in a few weeks time!

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