Sunday, July 28, 2013

More Bad News

On Monday I went in and saw the gyno to get a better idea of what the heck is going on with me.   She told me they still didn’t know if it was a fibroid for sure so they ran some tests, a pap smear, another ultrasound and a blood check for ovarian cancer. And they let me know that they were seeing two growths of some sort, couldn’t find my right ovary and one of the growths is 13cm big.

On Wednesday the doctor called and my blood test for the ovarian cancer had come back with elevated levels. So they are transferring me over to Oncology. The specialist got all of my records and I have an appointment Tuesday afternoon with her. They arn’t saying that I have cancer, yet, but the fact that the cancer doctor is now in charge points to the possibility.

I'm still hopeful that this isn't cancer, that it is something else, a cyst or something.  And all of this waiting around is making me crazy.  Especially when I have S's mom in town helping me out with Jude.  I don't feel great so it has been really helpful but she really came down here with the thought that I'd be having surgery like last week, now I don't even find out the plan til Tuesday.  On the upside though our dishwasher also finally died and she bought us a new one as an early Christmas present.  Yay!  Our old one really sucked and never really got anything clean at all.  The new one is much nicer than our old one and for sure an upgrade.  It gets delivered and installed on Wednesday so I'm really excited.

Also because S's mom is here last night she watched Jude for us while we spent the night at a hotel downtown for a little alone time.   It was so so so nice.  We went swimming twice and ordered a bunch of room service and got some yummy Indian food from a place we love down the street, watched a movie, slept in.  So nice. 

I'll post after my appointment on Tuesday afternoon and will hopefully have some good news.


  1. Maybe they are just being cautious? Sending positive energy your way and a hope for good news to come.

  2. Thinking of you and hoping the doctors are just being cautious.

  3. Thinking positive thoughts that you get good results and nothing serious is going on!!!!

  4. Oh dear. What a scary place to be. I do hope you get the test results soon and that they're reassuring. Please keep us updated.

  5. Hopefully the doc is just taking a precaution by sending you to the oncologist. Sending lots of prayers your way.

  6. Sending you good thoughts and healthy vibes. I'm hoping for some good news on your blog next week. Glad you got a little R&R this week. I'm now craving Indian food! :-)