Sunday, July 21, 2013

getting better

I finally talked to the Dr. yesterday.  They explained that they think she has a fibroid.  They are just stalling because fibroids slowly die.  Eventually the body cuts off blood flow to them and they die.  They are hoping it will just do this instead of having to do surgery.  I think they will release Liz from the hospital tomorrow unless something comes up on the ultrasound they did yesterday.  the Dr. has not been by to release her yet or read the ultrasound, so we are really just waiting on that. 

It's probably good for her to rest for part of the day. She did not sleep well last night, so she was really tired and nauseous when we were there this morning.  The hospital staff loves little Jude.  We went by there 3 times yesterday and once today already, so they are starting to get to know us and they keep trying to feed Jude graham crackers and ice cream and juice.  Pretty cute.  Of course our picky eater is more excited about the ice they have there because it is about toddler sized bites.  We need a machine that makes ice that size at home! 

My mom is on her way in to take care of Jude.  That is a big relief to know that no matter how the next few weeks go, my mom will be here to take care of Jude and Liz and I can go to work at least for most of the week.  My mom and I don't always get along, but she always comes thru for me when I need her and she is great with Jude and will be a good nurse to Liz too.  She just dropped everything and packed a bag and grabbed her dog and jumped in the car to do the 22 hour drive to get here without saying much other than, "be there as soon as I can and I love you!"  So sweet. 

So, our little family is slowly doing better again.  Keep sending us the healing energy until we are all the way there ;)

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  1. Glad to hear that you're doing better and that you're mom is going to be able to come help out.