Monday, November 21, 2011

Out pour of love

The spa had a baby shower for me.  I was pretty nervous about it since I am a higher up boss and didn’t want anyone to feel weird about it.  It ended up being perfect.  People made my favorite foods and all were so excited to give me baby gifts!  Then, the whole week, I got more baby gifts from people who were not able to make it to the shower.  We were so touched by the out pour of love from all of my employees!  We got tons of cute outfits, gift cards, some of the practical stuff and just really nice cards and thoughts.  One of my employees took a huge box and made us a first aid kit so we have little baby medicines and stuff for Jude too.

I then spent a few hours fussing with Jude’s stuff.  We got a toy box, so now all his toys are in it.  I took the tags off of his clothing and cleared a cabinet in the bathroom and in the kitchen for his stuff.  It really feels like he is coming soon to me now.  I don’t know why the fact that he has a cabinet in the kitchen and bathroom makes it feel more immediate, but it does.

I don’t think there is much left on the registry at this point.  We still have our biggest shower, the Austin shower, and we have so much of what we need for Jude already.  People were even smart about it and got him larger sized clothes, not just newborn, so he has outfits thru 6 months at this point.  I am very excited to go on a baby shopping spree with all the gift cards we received at this point.  Liz and I have not bought much baby stuff, so it will be fun after our last shower to go baby buying crazy and get the last of what we need for our little man.  Speaking of, have you seen the new Gwen Stefani line of stuff at Target.  So very cute!!

I am starting to feel really pregnant.  I don’t think the next month or two will be very fun for me to run around the spa.  My feet swell, my hips hurt off and on and this belly is now something to be reckoned with.  It takes a bit to get up and down and I can no longer really bend down and pick stuff up.  Fortunately my spa family is very supportive not only in their gift giving and love, but also in helping me with stuff.  I have not had a single person complain when I ask them to move a box and have even had people get mad at me when I do things they believe I should not be doing at this point.

Jude is active as ever.  We went and saw Breaking Dawn last night and he was kicking thru a large part of the movie.  There was one scene when the wolves were running and howling and he went nuts.  I think that makes him Team Jacob like me! :)  I think between the milkshake and the loud noise and I was sitting still after being on my feet all day, he was ready to do somersaults thru the movie.  I thought the movie was okay.  I liked it the least out of all of them, but am still happy we went and saw it.  There are only so many movies left until Jude is here and it will be harder to go then.

I think they are going to start a pool at work on when Jude is going to get here.  I am happy for him to arrive any time after January 8th.  He is not due until January 23rd and my psychic at work said he would come on January 27th.  We will see.  I just hope he makes it in the oven thru the holidays as no one likes to have their birthday around a major holiday.  I just really don’t want him to go all the way thru February since that means he will be late and I imagine the bigger he gets, the more I will want to take off work before his arrival.  I am trying to work until he gets here so I have the full 12 weeks with him.  I don’t see the point in staying home and waiting on him to come, but I imagine that will sound really nice as I get bigger and bigger.

All in all, I am to the moon in love with this little boy.  I am so excited to make him and meet him when he finally gets here.  He recognizes Liz’s voice and goes crazy for her.  She has been laying on my stomach and talking to him and he kicks her face all over the place.  It is really cute.  This little man is going to turn our world upsidown and I am excited for it!  I have no doubt he is going to run this household once he gets here!

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