Friday, November 18, 2011

31 Week Bump Picture!

OK so it has been a while since we posted a bump picture and honestly, it's because we haven't been very on the ball with taking belly shots recently.  So here it is, in all of it's roundness, S at 31 weeks.
Behind S you can see some of the letters for our alphabet wall.  All of the letters are in and hanging up.  They are so far just put up with push pins because we are still waiting to get them just right before we hang them up with nails.  But they look great.  Hopefully I will get them up and take some pictures to post next week.

And as of last night, I think it is official, S is finally nesting.  So far with a few exceptions I have been the one doing all of the nesting around the house but this week S put together the stroller and last night spent an hour or two putting things away and cleaning out cupboards in the kitchen and bathroom and filling them with baby stuff.  It's cute to see her nesting and wanting to get stuff done.  And now that the stroller is put together, we let our first "baby" take it out for a test drive.

This is our pug, Pedro.  Pedro thought that the whole thing was pretty weird.  He didn't really get what we were up to and was nervous the whole time he was in the stroller.  Oh, and what is the deal with strollers being so very hard to open and close and car seats being so confusing?  I swear our car seat has at least 10 different buttons on it and I have no idea what most of them do.  Better start practicing soon!

Also, a big congrats to our friends Kayan and Marc!  Their baby girl was born yesterday and boy oh boy is she a cutie!


  1. Pedro looks so cute in the stroller. I wonder if our dog Bella would let us do the

  2. the wall looks good, im eager to see more!

    bump looks good too :) beautiful belly!

  3. We have the same stroller. I'm confident that if we can figure it out, you can!