Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Baby shower-yeah! Contraction- Ouch!

We had our first baby shower this weekend.  It was great!  We caught up with old friends and got tons of great baby stuff!  People cannot resist buying outfits for Jude!  We got tons of REALLY cute outfits for him.  Along with a bunch of other things.  It was great to see everyone that was there and there were 4 babies and some kiddos in attendance (not including another preggie that was there too!).  The babies ranged from 5 days old to 2 years old.  So cute and so many different personalities and all of them were chill thru the shower.

We also went to the lawyer today and signed all of our documents from Wills to Rights of Attorney to who Jude goes to.  Crazy!  I think I was more nervous for the second part we did, which was Liz is officially on my account and closes her account this week.  After 9 years, we finally have joint accounts!  Money makes me nervous and I am very intense about it, so it is good to combine now and work out all the kinks before Jude is here on top of that.

On a negative note, it was a long drive home.  It was raining the whole way back and I had my first major contraction.  It was weird.  I had a belly ache all day (which I don’t really get) but figured it was from Jude’s feet being in my belly or a burger I ate earlier.  It hurt off and on the whole drive, so I made Liz drive and stretched out.  It felt better, so I volunteered to drive and blam-o, insane pain.  The strange part was it was my stomach, not low down, so I knew I was not in labor, but that was about all I knew.  I got off the highway as quickly as I could and paced, cussing and confused until it passed.  I called my Dr. and she said it was “false labor” and that it it fine unless it starts to happen at regular intervals and then I would need to go in for monitoring.  I was not happy with that since I was on my way back from Oklahoma in the middle of nowhere Texas.  I was crossing my fingers it would not continue.  It felt fine and then we stopped to get gas and I threw up for what felt like forever, right there at the pump.  Yuck!   After that, I felt fine.  The Dr said to hydrate and relax, so that is what I have been doing.  I feel fine today and we ran around and took care of all kinds of things, so I think it is just going to happen sometimes.  What sucked about it (well on top of it in general) is is hurt to breathe during it.  There was no way I could do stomach breathing thru it when it hurt to breathe during and after it.

Jude is non the wiser.  He is crazy kicking around in there today.  He gave Liz a good kick fest for the past few hours and is still going at it.  Crazy baby!  Or as I like to say: “cwazy baby!”.  He even got the hiccups earlier.  This week he practices breathing, so he is more likely to get them due to that.  How cute is that?!

Thank you everyone who came to Jude’s first party!  I just hope in the future he does not party so hard he has contractions the next day!

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