Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Yesterday's Tiny Scare

     We had a small scare with Jude yesterday.  S had called the doctor to ask about a few things for her next appointment and at the end of the call she mentioned how Jude sometimes felt like he was shaking really hard and was wondering if that was normal.  They told her they’d get back to her and little bit later a nurse from the office called and said that they wanted her to go in for an ultrasound that afternoon to be sure there wasn’t something wrong with Jude, which naturally freaked S out.  Luckily I was able to get off work and go with her and her work was accommodating enough to let her come in late after the appointment.  We were so scared.  The thought that something could be wrong with our little boy had us both in tears at different points.  We went in and they did an ultrasound and measured everything again on him and everything looks fine.  Whew.  Totally normal looking according to the tech and no issues.  He is weighing in at 2.5 lbs and is the perfect size for his age.  I could not have been more relieved.  It was nice after we realized nothing was wrong to get another look at our boy.  I was joking with S afterwards that if Jude could talk he would say, “Can’t a guy get any privacy around here?  Geez,” because including yesterday’s scan we have now had 6 ultrasounds and still have one more, another 3D/4D, scheduled for December, which will bring the total to 7.  I’m pretty sure most people only have 2-3 ultrasounds for a normal, non-issue, no multiples sort of pregnancy, so it has been nice to see our little dude so often.  They only gave us one picture this time though and honestly it doesn’t look like anything at all so I’m not going to bother to post it.  I think in the end S and determined that the shaking she is feeling is probably him coughing or hiccuping.  Just so glad he is ok!


  1. Glad he's okay! Sounds scary!

  2. Glad to hear that everything's okay!

  3. Charlie used to do something similar in my tummy. I would have described it as thinking he was having an epileptic fit!