Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Baby Shower Invites!

My mom is throwing us a baby shower next month in Oklahoma where I mostly grew up and where S and I met and went to college.  It's going to be filled with lots of old friends and family and I am so excited.  My mom ordered our baby shower invites last night and I thought I'd share a sample of what they will look like.  Of course, this is an edited version with all of the exact details taken out, but you can still see how cute they will be!
I love them! 


  1. those are SO CUTE. Love them. Can't wait to see pictures from the shower!!!

  2. Totally cute! I have to plan a shower for my sister (due in April) and I love this style --not to boy-y or girl-y, just colourful and adorable!

  3. you know I love it!

  4. awwww super cute!!! have fun. I love OK!