Monday, October 24, 2011

Hello 3rd trimester!

Come one, come all to feel the amazing acrobat Jude!  I am unsure of what he is doing in there, so I have to guess he is practicing his acrobatic and tumbling skills or doing baby aerobics.  About 3 days a week, he goes NUTS!  I mean, rippling and popping out my belly.  It looks like my belly is under attack!  People can now not only feel his little kicks, but also can feel him shifting around.  He will punch and kick and go crazy and then he does a crazy shaking thing that feels kind of like he is having a tiny seizure in there!  It it nuts.  Liz got to feel it last night and this morning.  People at work have been able to feel him moving all around now.  The reactions are funny.  I thought a few of them were going to cry and then a few of them just looked at me like I had an alien in my belly.  New flash people- there is a little dude in my belly! :)

I have been busy with baby prep today.  I called my insurance agent about life insurance rates.  Not something I have ever thought about, but our lawyer suggested it and it makes sense.  At least enough to cover the mortgage if something happened to one of us.  I also called about signing up for a breast feeding class.  I have still not found an infant care class that is at the right time for us, but I am working on that too. I am almost done with the first bit of lawyer paperwork for our will and such.  So much to think about!

Our first baby shower is in a few weeks and I am super excited!  Not only do we get to go and celebrate Jude, but it is in Oklahoma, which means seeing a lot of our friends that we do not generally get to see on a regular basis.  Liz’s mom just bought us our car seat and stroller combo.  We are working on getting the invites out for the Austin baby shower.

Latest craving- Dijon mustard!  Yum!  I love tangy flavors still.  I also had a bowl of broccoli cheese soup yesterday that was delicious, so I guess that still tastes good to me.  I also have wanted salty fries lately.  I am not really a fries person usually, so it is strange.  I have only given in twice because I am sure the salt is not good for my swollen feet.

My poor little feet are so swollen after work!  They are fine when I am not on them, but when I am for 9 hrs, they become fat little feet and ankles.  Liz gave me a nice foot massage yesterday because they were so big.  It made them feel so much better!

The third trimester is going to be a doozy I am sure.  I am so very tired all of the time already.  If I don’t get a short nap in the afternoon, it is hard to survive until 10pm for me.  Unfortunately, most days do not come with a nap, so I drag thru the last part of the day at work.  When I work until 10pm, I am fighting to keep my eyes open.  Working an hour away from home is not great right now.  I feel very unmotivated most days.  I am currently working up the motivation to do the dishes:)

I have my bathing suit at work so that I can swim after work, but most days, I am just dragging my feet to the car to go home!  Building a little human is hard work!  I think he stole all my energy since he seems to not have any problem doing his baby aerobics in there!

My belly is big!  Well, it feels big to me.  I will have Liz add a photo soon.  It is only going to get bigger.  I am also starving all the time!  I guess it is time for Jude to grow.  It is strange the days I am starving, but nothing sounds good to eat.

I told Liz that I am unsure of this whole birth thing.  She said I have 3 options: 1. I can stay pregnant forever 2. He can burst out of me like in the movie aliens or 3. I can give birth.  I guess the 3rd option is the best one on the list:)

We are having our annual Halloween party on Saturday.  Last big throw down until Jude is here.  i will be Gumby.  My friend and I got matching Gumby and Pokey costumes at the sales last year.  I guess I will actually be pregnant Gumby, but the costume is big, so it should not show all that much.  I will have Liz post pics of our costumes too because it is sure to be funny.



  1. I'm 3 days behind you and I feel pretty much the same as you do. Starving but most everything is unappealing. The baby moves like he's having a seizure for a full day, but not everyday. I'm tired most of the time and it's hard to find the motivation to do all the projects I have to do. I've been taking 2 hour naps when I get home from work--and sometimes, even on a weekend morning.

    You're not alone!

  2. I'm so sad I can't feel him kicking! Glad everyone is doing well. Rooms, I've sent you a couple of texts- are you getting them? Hope you have a great time at your shower in Tulsa!