Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Jude’s Jams

Well I’ve been working on a mix CD for baby Jude for quite a while now and I’ve finally made it.  I was feeling a lot of pressure (from myself) to make the perfect mix and have just the right songs with just the right messages and it was too much, so I went a different direction.  I decided to make a mix of some of my favorite songs, after all the point of this CD is to introduce Jude to the music I love in hopes that he will love it as well.  So I just sat down and pulled up what I have today available in my itunes and this is the mix I came up with.  I’m sure it’s not to everyone’s taste, but I really only made it for one person and well, he can’t exactly complain about it yet.
Jude’s Jams
1. Lucky Star- Madonna
2. Sparks- Coldplay
3. Wonderwall- Oasis
4. Home- Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros
5. Hello Goodbye- The Beatles
6. Flashdance- Irene Cara
7. Fortunate Fool- Jack Johnson
8.  Young Forever- Jay-Z
9. Stay (I Missed You)- Lisa Loeb
10. Cherish- Madonna
11. Kids- MGMT
12. Clocks- Coldplay
13. Sweet Surrender- Sarah McLachlan
14. Bitter Sweet Symphony- The Verve
15. A Rush of Blood to the Head- Coldplay
16. Hold On- Wilson Phillips
17. Hey Jude- The Beatles
So there you have it.  And by the way, did anyone watch Glee tonight?  The end with them singing Coldplay- Fix You totally  made me cry.  Anyone else?


  1. I like a lot of your selections. The Bean gets a lot of Madonna, Sarah, Beatles, etc. too!

    We'll be putting up a music post coming up on our blog focused on adult-friendly kid music (rather than kid-friendly adult music) within the next week. Hope you check it out!

  2. How fun!! Love the selections!

  3. "Fix You" at the end of Glee totally had me in tears too!!!! Also, "Forever Young" by Jay-Z is seriously one of our little guy's FAVORITE songs ;)