Thursday, October 1, 2015

Fertility drug discussion again??

I called to tell the dr. I had started my period and would see him in 14-16 days for the IUI treatments. He had the nurse call me back and explain that he suggests a stronger treatment.  I thought we had this discussion already and I made it clear that I wanted to try naturally for a while, but apparently not clear enough. So...I am curious, how many unmedicated cycles did your dr let you do before trying to push drugs into it?  I want a few more. Really I want as many as I feel like without being bothered about my decision again.  We have done 3 unmedicated and 1 medicated try this round. Everything on ultrasounds looks good...eggs and uterus look how they should. I already did the dye test and it was normal.  I feel like it is just a matter of time.  Am I crazy to feel like doing them unmedicated should not be an issue??  How many times did your dr let you try without medication?

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  1. Ours never pushed drugs. I had no issues and there was no reason for it. She said it takes most people about 6 months to get pregnant and the rest normally up to a year. On our 5th try we asked if we could try something if we went into try #6 but she definitely didn't push for it or recommend it. Angele had PCOS so when she tried, she took Femera (spelling?) and it worked well but she needed it. I carried both of our older kids and it took 5 and 2 tries to conceive them without meds. I was 29 and 32.