Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Sticker Chart

Jude has always been a terrible sleeper.  He gets up a million times, he is hard to put to bed, he gets up early, he wants milk all night long.  And at 3 1/2 it's getting more than old.  Recently he has been getting up 1-3 times a night, which hasn't been too bad.  He just wants us to come in his room and lay with him for a minute or two and then he is back to sleep.  Sometimes it's because of a bad dream or something else scaring him but more often it is just out of habit that he calls out for us.  

So, to try to stop this on Sunday S made him a sticker chart.  The deal is that if he sleeps through the night and doesn't yell for us and stays quiet in his room until his bunny clock (which I really recommend if you have problems with a super early riser, basically you program it to show when the bunny should be awake and when he should be alseep) is awake the. He gets two stickers.  If he gets up just once he gets one sticker.  And for every ten stickers he gets a new toy.  So far it is working!!  I can't believe it.  The first night I was convinced was a coincidence, he had gotten the flu mist the day before which seems to wipe him out a bit.  But now it's been four days and he has slept all through the night every night but one.  And the night he got up it was only once and he was scared.  With how awesome he has been doing if he sleeps through the night tonight tomorrow he will have enough stickers to get a toy already!  S is a genius and I'm the most well rested I've been in YEARS, seriously.  

In TTC news we are still waiting for S to get the positive OPK.  Hopefully it will be today as she is on cycle day 15 or 16, I can't remember which.  The doctors office wanted her to just test in the afternoons so we are a little worried we missed it.  But you'd think you'd have a positive in the afternoon still, that it wouldn't be THAT easy to miss.  We will see.  


  1. I always hated when the doctors would tell us when to test! Some surge over night, others in morning, etc. I think they just don't want to admit that it is a crapshoot no matter what we do (and still get paid for services rendered). So annoying.

    Yay Jude on the sleeping! You should have posted link to the bunny clock as now I'm off to search for a bunny clock and hope I find it! (Early risers here too, ugghhhh!)

    1. We hAve the blue one but I'd rather have gotten this one that has a clock you can see on it. And just a warning it is a PAIN to program the thing!

  2. I pretty much am only motivated by sticker charts also.