Saturday, October 10, 2015

Breath Holding Spell

On Thursday at Tball Jude had what doctors call a breath holding spell.  So scary!  He was at practice and they were running the bases as a group.  Around second base he tripped and fell and the kid running close behind him fell/stepped on him.  Ouch!  I could tell from the stands that he was hurt and started coming onto the field to comfort him when I saw that he was still down but not crying.  One of the coaches went to pick him up and set him on his feet and you could tell he was just limp.  So I run flat out to him and his face is red/purple and his lips are turning blue.  He isn't breathing and his eyes are rolling back in his head.  I grab him from the coach and slam him to the ground and start blowing in his mouth and hitting his chest, swearing the whole time.  I'm convinced he is dying, that's how frantic I was.  He comes to and starts crying, thank god.  One of the moms there is a pediatrician or pediatric nurse or something like that and she looks him over and he seems fine.  So we go home and he is fine but this is worrying.  He's done something like this twice before, once when he fell and once when he was just throwing a fit.  But both times it lasted like 20 scones and we were right there to get him breathing again.  So S called our pediatrician and we went in this morning with him just to be sure he was ok.  He has a slight heart murmur so we wanted to be sure that wasn't an underlying factor.  Anyway, they said it was a classic breath holding spell and that he was fine, it was just a scary thing some kids do, but they will be fine, it's not going to hurt them at all.  Whew!  Anyone else's kid scare the crap out of them this week?


  1. So scary!! I read another blog a long time ago where the child did this too whenever she got hurt. So glad he is okay. That would freak me out completely. :(

  2. Scary stuff. Jackson's done this before and it was freaky.