Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Another Day, Another Donor

Welp, we are done with September's cycle and moving onto October.  So I went ahead and ordered our vials of sperm for this cycle.  But we had to switch donors yet again.  Our new guy is out of stock and so we moved on to our back up guy.  This will be our 3rd donor to use TTC this baby, sort of crazy.  At least we arnt super stuck on one particular guy, it's not a real big deal, though obviously we did like the guy we used this month more than the one we will be using for October, as he is a back up.  I guess we keep picking popular donors with limited stock.  We could buy more than just the months worth that we need and thus avoid this problem, but that seems silly when we don't care that much.  We don't want to get stuck with extra vials and we don't want to pay for storage.  So hopefully this guy will last for a little bit or even more hopefully what we just ordered will be all we need. :)

Thanks for your comments about how long it took to conceive your children.  It's nice knowing there is still hope and that there were babies at the end of your struggles.  And hopefully that is how our story will end as well, with a happy healthy baby.

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  1. Maybe it's better to go with less popular sperm, because they try harder.