Monday, September 21, 2015

One Week Down, One to Go

We survived week one of our two week wait.  It seemed to go by quickly this time around, at least for me.  It's so hard to tell anything with S taking the progesterone, it just makes her feel totally pregnant!  Yesterday though I was getting some chicken to marinate for dinner and I left the empty marinade bottle on the counter.  S came over by it and asked why did it smell like Bloody Marys over there?  And she sniffed around til she figured out it was the empty marinade bottle, which was Jamacian Jerk flavored.  And like I could only smell what she was talking about when I picked up the bottle and held it under my nose.  But she has always had a strong olfactory sence so maybe it's nothing.  Either way, things feel calm, peaceful, and I think that we are both in a good place about it.  If she is pregnant, yay, and if not, oh well we will try again.  

Because of the progesterone though we pretty much have to wait for next Monday's blood draw to know one way or another.  Last time she took it she didn't start her period till she was off of it a day or two.  I'm sure we will do a home pregnancy test or two, but we have sort of decided it is easier to be disappointed once rather than over and over again, not to mention cheaper.  I've got my fingers crossed and hope you do too that this is it though!

And some pictures of Jude because it's been a while


  1. Fingers crossed for you guys!! Jude is such a cutie pie!

  2. He is SO CUTE!!!! Sending baby dust your way!

    When you are at peace with whatever the answer, that is usually when it happens. Just saying.