Monday, September 14, 2015

September's IUIs

On Friday S got a faint positive on her OPK and then a strong positive early Saturday morning so we did our IUIs on Saturday and Sunday.  On the Saturday one we had to bring Jude with as it was a bit last minute.  Luckily for us he was really good and just played on the iPad during the appointment.  That is a very special treat for him so even though the whole thing took a while he didn't mind at all.  During the IUI our doctor has the full bladder approach and wants it to be full to press the uterus down and allow it to help gravity.  Problem with this as I've said before is that S has a super small, fast filling bladder and our doctor is soooooooooo slow sometimes.  This often leads to her getting to a good point but by time he is ready to go, she is far past that point.  So this time around she let him know that she wasn't willing to do it and that it'd just have to be a little full.  He pushed back on this some but in the end we compromised and she had a semi full bladder and the whole thing went well, no dire urge to pee or pain. Same story Sunday, semi full bladder, Jude at grandmas house and a smooth IUI. Both days our guys sperm count was a little above 16 million for motile sperm, so that's good.  On Saturday when we looked S had a nice big 24 cm folliciles ready to burst and so I'm thinking that our timing was really good.  I'm hopeful that this is the one.  And maybe it isn't, but man does it seem so much more relaxed and right without the craziness of the drugs.
Fingers crossed!!


  1. I can relate to that "drug free" feeling. Fingers are crossed!!!!!

  2. Sounds promising! Will keep my fingers crossed! I don't get the full bladder thing--I agree that you should be more comfortable during the IUI and I'm glad the doctor accepted your requests .

  3. How are you? Did you make a test already?