Friday, September 4, 2015

Drug Free, so Put the Crack Up

A little Marky Mark for your Friday morning.  So, it's been a lot of radio silence around here while we took the month off from TTC.  I think it's been a really good thing for us.  S has settled into her new role at work and seems to have shaken the weight of all of those interviews and stress of change off her shoulders.  Our dieting and exercising has gone pretty well.  We have both lost over 10lbs at this point and are hitting the gym 4-5 days a week along with limiting sodas and booze (s has done better on the gym front and the booze front than I have).  So all in all we go into this cycle slightly healthier, less stressed, and with a touch more excitement for the the whole thing.

And we go into it drug free, which is such a relief.  We had an appointment with our doctor this week and we let him know that we wouldn't be using any fertility drugs going forward.  It's just too hard on us both and if you've been reading along, it's not like they have been all that effective for us anyway.  I was worried about his response to this, in the past he has advocated pretty strongly for us to use the drugs, but overall he was pretty cool about it.  All he really said about it was well you know it decreases your chances...but whatever you want to do.  

So the sperm is shipped and waiting at his office and we like this new donor better than our last one. We are using a new bank, NW Cryobank, which is just about half the cost of the pervious bank.  And without the drugs and monitoring, that part of things is also a whole heck of a lot cheaper.  So that gives us so hope that we could afford to try 2-3 more times drug free if we wanted to.  Obviously we are hoping that this month with this new donor is the one.  Now we just wait for that positive OPK, which should be in a little less than two weeks from now, maybe like a week and half.  Fingers crossed that this cycle is THE cycle!

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